Black | White Mistyfuse Show Special

We're thinking that these times call for a special deal for everyone. This 10yd SHOW SPECIAL introductory package has 7yds of White Mistyfuse and 3yds of Black.  You won't find this Special Combo package anywhere else. And we've priced this $33.25 valued package at ....drum roll..... $24. That's less than we even charge at shows. But hey... these times call for a break. We have a limited number of these packages made up and we don't have the time now to make-up more, so this sale will likely last only a month at most before we run out.

Mistyfuse® is the environmentally-friendly fusible appliqué web —acid free and made in a green industrial park here in the USA, without solvents or harsh chemicals, and without body modifiers or blow additives or sticky adhesives. It’s been extruded to an ultra-fine web for a stay-soft, strong bond without adding bulk. It will never gum-up needles. Mistyfuse is suitable for a wide variety of fabrics. Mistyfuse comes in White, Black and Mistyfuse Ultraviolet and is available in packages and also various Bolt options. Washable (warm) and dry cleanable.

Note in the time of COVID19:

Many people have asked about the safety of using Mistyfuse in face masks. I turned to our chemist who formulated Mistyfuse and the factory where we have it made to our specifications for an answer to: Is White Mistyfuse safe to use in face masks?

The answer is yes it is.