Bunny Paper

We call it Bunny Paper® because it keeps on reproducing.

Bunny Paper—for a whole new way to transfer pattern designs for fusible appliqué with speed, convenience and accuracy. No more headache-inducing reversing, no more tedious tracing. Transfer even the most complicated designs quickly and correctly every time. Print directly from your computer—from a graphic file or from a scanned image. Or use the copy function of your printer.

That’s not all, print fusible labels or images directly on your choice of fuse-backed fabric. Laser and inkjet safe Bunny Paper is idealized for Mistyfuse® —the super soft, super strong fusible that never gums up your needle, and doesn’t change the hand of the fabric. Need dozens of a shape? No problem. Propogating designs is now an easy, fast, piece of cake.

Both sides of Bunny Paper are printable and are used differently. While Bunny Paper is safe for both inkjet and laser printers (it won't harm your printers, the coating will not melt and stick to rollers) we recommend using only inkjet for printing on the glossy side for transfer. The laser printer can print on the glossy side too, but because of of the heat of the rollers in laser printers the ink might not come off the paper as it would otherwise. No need to waste ink— print outlines instead of solids. Lines printed on the glossy side with an inkjet printer can be wiped clean and reused multiple times. For printing on fabric that is fused to the glossy side (ie for labels or guidelines on the front of fabric)—laser printers and inkjet are both perfect. Bunny Paper is a game changer for sure.

Print a reversed image on the matte side of the paper and iron fabric to the glossy side—even overlapping fabric pieces if you like. Hold the sheet up to light to check that you have covered your whole shape. If not, peel the fabric off and reposition. Leave the paper on as you cut out the image. This works great because Bunny Paper stays in place while you cut out even intricate designs and then is easily removed just by folding a corner of the paper backed shape for a release. That paper shape can now be reused as a template to cut out more fabric shapes by ironing it to the back of another piece of Mistyfused fabric. 

Bunny Paper sheets are 8 1/2" x 14" and are available in packs of 8 or 16 Sheets.