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Goddess Sheets

Ultra sheer, long-lasting, nonstick transparent Goddess Sheets speed ironing time with great heat distribution properties.  The Goddess Curve™ is your reliable guide to accident-free fusing. The Goddess Curve is there to help you dedicate one side of the sheet to your iron only and the other side to contact with fusible.

IINTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: For internationally shipped Goddess Sheets, shipping in the tube is often quite costly. Folded into a large padded envelope or shipped in packaging with other products ordered instead of in the tube can sometimes save many dollars. If you want us to do that, and only if there is a savings, please send us a note after placing your order—requesting that we take it out of the tube. Any savings is refunded back to you. (Note: A folded Goddess Sheet is not as pretty to receive, but it will work the same! BTW our Original-sized Goddess sheet is sold folded, in a flat package, to use as a "top and bottom" for Mistyfusing smaller cuts of fabric and appliqué multi-piece assemblies.)