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Mistyfuse Black 2.5yd Package

Mistyfuse Black 2.5yd Package

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20" x 90" continuous sheet of Mistyfuse® Black fusible appliqué web.

Works just like the White and Ultraviolet Mistyfuse.

Black is great for darker fabrics and a whole lot more. It takes fabric dyes very well and can be used for surface design too. 

Basic instructions and Tips&Tricks are on the back of the package cover. We always include a 20"x1/2yd Sample of another Mistyfuse when we ship an order to you.

Note in the time of COVID19: Many people have asked about the safety of using Mistyfuse in face masks. So I turned to our chemist who formulated Mistyfuse and the factory where we have it made to confirm specifically: Is Mistyfuse safe for the purpose of use in face masks since it has no solvents, or blow additives, has no off gassing, it is breathable, is inert, no problem with holding moisture? The answer for all of the above is Yes. It meets all of these criteria including a level of resistance to moisture.