Mistyfuse Ultraviolet  54" x 50yd Bolt

Mistyfuse Ultraviolet 54" x 50yd Bolt

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One 54" x 50yd bolt of Mistyfuse® Ultraviolet. (1.37m x 45.72m)

Mistyfuse already has the best aging profile of any fusible because of its careful formulation, and that it is made without chemical solvents. We produce Mistyfuse Ultraviolet with a UV retardant added for extra protection against the aging effects of long-term exposure to UV rays. Mistyfuse Ultraviolet is recommended lightweight fabrics and sheers, and for fabrics that are a solid color (or mostly solid color) and for light colored colors.

Despite its name—Mistyfuse Ultraviolet is white and fuses clear!

We're proud to feature SAQA founder Yvonne Porcella on our 10yd package of Mistyfuse Ultraviolet. As soon as we started making it, it became the fusible she used exclusively. It was the work of artists—Yvonne Porcella and others— that inspired us to make it.

Retail Value $500

Basic instructions and Tips&Tricks are wrapped in with every bolt. And we always tuck in a Fat Quarter Sample of another Mistyfuse when we ship an order.