Mistyfuse Black 20" x 50yd Bolt

Mistyfuse Black 20" x 50yd Bolt

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One 20" x 50yd bolt of Mistyfuse® Black. (51cm x 45.72m)

Black is great for darker fabrics and a whole lot more. It takes fabric dyes and dry pigments very well, yielding a rich pure color even with light colors, and can be used in many ways for surface design too. (Hint: Add color to the Mistyfuse first, then fuse as usual.) 

Artist special pricing. Retail Value $175.

A Z-fold brochure of basic instructions and Tips&Tricks is wrapped in with our bolts, and a 20"x1/2yd Sample of another Mistyfuse is shipped with orders.

We underestimated demand and now we're temporarily out of stock! Keep checking back for updates.