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Mistyfuse White 10yd Package

Mistyfuse White 10yd Package

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20" x 10yd continuous rolled sheet of Mistyfuse® White fusible appliqué web. (51cm x 9.144m)

White is the universal choice. It's good for all fabrics and colors and visually disappears into fabric as it is fused.

Basic instructions and Tips&Tricks are on the back of the package cover and a 20"x1/2yd Sample of Black (or Ultraviolet; our choice) is included when we ship it to you.

Note in the time of COVID19:

Many people have asked about the safety of using Mistyfuse in face masks. I turned to our chemist who formulated Mistyfuse and the factory where we have it made to our specifications for an answer to: Is White Mistyfuse safe to use in face masks?

The answer is yes it is.

Mistyfuse is inert, has resistance to moisture, and most importantly Mistyfuse is made without industrial additives commonly found in fusibles such as solvents, blow additives, and body modifiers. And NO surface adhesives are added. Mistyfuse does not off-gas when ironed. The structure of Mistyfuse's engineered true-web allows it to handle like a fabric and be breathable. Instead of holes from stitching, this web melts into and becomes entwined with the fibers of fused fabrics—also impeding the passage of virus particles.