Transdoodle BIG White

Transdoodle BIG White

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Transdoodle® is non-waxy, non-staining, reusable, chalky-color transfer paper for  crisp, clear guidelines that stay well on fabric while you work with them but never set — not even with ironing. Once you have finished using the guideline, if it has not been cut away, stitched over, or fused over it, or if you simply want to change it, you can rub out the traced line with a finger, or a piece of dry or damp fabric, or in the wash. 

There are four (4) White Transdoodle Sheets (18"x24") sheets in a package. Transdoodle is made to be long lasting — use each sheet over and over and over again and just when you think you've used it up....use it again!

Use Transdoodle to trace a pattern piece on the front of fabric. *Another right-reading method to transfer pattern pieces onto Mistyfused fabric!

Use Transdoodle to trace a positioning guideline on your background fabric.  

Use Transdoodle to trace stitching guidelines. 

HINT: For the best, crisp, traced line—trace a single layer of fabric on a hard surface (Hint: try using the back of your cutting board).  Our recommendation for the best stylus to use with Transdoodle is a ball-point pen that has run out of ink.