A fun, fast, fused fleece throw. (try saying that fast 3x!)

This fast assembly has 3 layers. You will apply Mistyfuse to only the 2 outer layers. Prefuse ONE SIDE of each of the 2 outer layers. (That Mistyfused side will fuse to the solid center layer.)

Cut shapes out of each prefused layer. Note: DON'T try to align the cutouts on each side. It works better if they are not aligned once the layers are assembled.

Sandwich the 3 layers to iron together. Cover the fleece with a damp towel for ironing. The steam helps the heat get through the fleece to achieve the bond and the texture of the towel insures that the surface appearance of the fleece is maintained. Iron on one side, then flip the assembly over, re-dampen the towel if necessary, and iron again. Make sure to iron long enough for the heat to get through to create a good bond. Don't be afraid of over-ironing! It's hard to iron Mistyfuse away!

TIP: When working with heat sensitive fabrics—layer the heat. Mistyfuse needs heat for the fine fingers of fusible to get deeply into fibers to create its strong, flexible bond. Glide your iron with Mistyfuse instead of "pressing". Glide the iron briefly then lift the iron and allow the assembly to briefly cool then repeat to apply more heat. Do this repeatedly until the strong bond is achieved. Thicker fabrics like the fleece need more time. Don't worry about overheating. Mistyfuse does not rely on a surface bond which makes Mistyfuse very hard to iron away! With Mistyfuse, more ironing tends to make a bond stronger.

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