Use a Goddess Sheet® to make a fusing board.

A board, wool felt (not batting) and a staple gun. Cut the wool felt to be large enough to cover the top of the board plus cover the sides and have enough to wrap to the back of the board. Cut the Goddess Sheet similarly and keep the left over pieces.

Wrap the felt and staple to the back. Trim the bulk at the corners so that the board sits firmly and evenly on your table.

Wrap the Goddess Sheet over the felt, folding the corners neatly to the back. Staple in place. Adding a Mistyfused trim over the edges on the back of the board is an option, but not necessary for performance. Use the left over pieces of Goddess Sheet as a your top nonstick sheet when fusing on the board. Here we made an 11"x 14" board using a Big Goddess Sheet.


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